April 20, 2011

Gossip Guys: The Kids Stay In The Picture

After a hiatus that felt like forever, Gossip Girl is back with the first of the five remaining all-new episodes!

Looks like they're wrapping Season 4 up with Blair's love-rectangle, which is a prime example of the saying "When it rains, it pours," and this season's second new girl in town, who's bringing with her a secret which was vaguely summed up as "What happened wasn't so long ago." Both of these plot devices seemed rather underwhelming. First of all, I didn't understand the big fuss about the "Dair" kiss (Freak out much, Vanessa?) Secondly, Charlie (Serena's cousin) is clearly no match for our dearest Juliet Sharp - the single white female situation's been overdone (See: Emily, 90210).

Still, there's always hope that a plot twist lies somewhere underneath all the glamor and piles, after piles, after piles of beautiful clothes....

Photo credit: The CW
This is the outfit Chuck Bass wore to his 'Modern Royalty' photoshoot, and you just gotta give it to Chuck Bass. This look totally embraces the theme - from the ascot to the brooch, this SHOUTS modern royalty. It has so much texture although it's all black. And it's such a departure from his usual suit and tie numbers. Was super excited to see this look on Chuck.

Photo credit: The CW
Here's the normal (iconic) Chuck Bass look I was talking about: Paisley (or crazy print) tie, suit with stripes, and a big coat. Speaking of coats, when are they going to change to the Spring/Summer wardrobe on the show? I'm dying to see a Summer look from Chuck, may one for the Hamptons or St. Bart's. We need guidance!

Photo credit: The CW
William van der Woodsen is back and it seems that he has caught the "ugly plaid shirt syndrome" from the Humphrey's. This actually aged Will and made him look like a suburban dad. And what's with the deal with the 50,000 bracelets on his wrist? Ugh. Eyesore. And hey, Eric van der Woodsen, you too.

Missing Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibald? Check out what they wore after the jump!

April 17, 2011

Runway Look For Less: Burberry April Showers 2011

"Tut-tut, it looks like rain!"

Just in time for the first rainy day in Spring here in Hong Kong. These visuals mark the second year since Burberry launched its April Showers campaign. Once again, bright and vibrant colors are confirmed to be on the hit list this season.

First off, I'd like to say I'm digging the white pants - they definitely made raining look less gloomy. The waterproof fabrics also made the outfits light and breezy. Another take-away from this campaign is to limit your outfits to only three colors to keep things simple and chic.

Topman has this purple trench coat which I find to be along the same vein as the April Showers campaign (especially the blue trench in the second picture above). It's now available here, retailing at £110.00. The styling isn't perfect - would've preferred the buttons to be black and I wouldn't pair this with brownish pants (unquestionably I'd go with white) - but then when the Burberry one costs £395.00, this one from Topman will have to do for now. No?

Photo credit: Topman
Photo credit: Burberry via DesignScene

April 13, 2011

Top 3 High-Tops (Part Deux)

In continuation with my latest infatuation with high-top sneakers, here are three more pairs that would unquestionably have you guys salivating...

First up, we have Christian Louboutin's now iconic Louis Flat high-tops with (expectedly) lots and lots of studs... but this time round, they're on denim! That's a first from Louboutin and I'm loving the mixture of the denim with leather details. Despite the fact that the sneakers are completely covered in studs, I have to say this is one of the more understated designs from Louboutin compared to his other ones.

Then we have these two from Italian shoe designer Guiseppi Zanotti, who's famous for their sky high heels for the ladies. This is the very first time they're releasing high-top sneakers for guys so this is pretty monumental. I love how Zanotti so subtly translated the aesthetics from the brand's iconic heels and boots to these sneakers. They definitely bring something new to the table by using snake skin materials and by incorporating gold metal plates. The mixture of fabrics in the second pair is simply genius!

Photo credits: Highsnobiety and ModeMan
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